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We use “Separate” and “Exclusive” Kitchens and Utensils for Non-Vegetarian and Vegetarian food preparations. Special requests are also honored.

Indian (Non-Vegetarian)

Mutton Biryani Onion and Curd Raitha
Chicken Kabab Vegetable Salad
Rumali Roti or Semiyan Sweet 2 Types
Chicken Gravy Ice Cream
Brinjal Curry or Dalcha Water Bottle

Mutton Biryani Sweet 2 Types
Chicken Kabab 2 Types Ice Cream
Rumali Roti or Semiyan Fruit Stall
Chicken Gravy Soft Drink
Brinjal Curry or Dalcha Paan Beeda
Onion and Curd Raitha Water Bottle
Vegetable Salad

Mutton Biryani Sweet 2 Types
Fish Fry Ice Cream
Chicken Kabab 2 Types Cotton Candy
Rumali Roti or Semiyan Pop Corn
Chicken Gravy Ice Gola
Brinjal Curry or Dalcha Soft Drink
Onion and Curd Raitha Fruit Stall
Vegetable Salad Tea and Coffee
Water Bottle Paan Beeda

Minimum Quantity is 5 Kg and Transportation Extra

Mutton Biryani Onion and Curd Raitha
Brinjal Curry or Dalcha Sweet

Minimum Quantity is 5 Kg and Transportation Extra

Chicken Biryani Onion and Curd Raitha
Brinjal Curry or Dalcha Sweet

South Indian (Vegetarian)

Bengali Sweet Rice
Roti Rasam
Paneer Masala Sambar
Chana Masala Gobi Manchurian
Dhai Vada Pappad and Pickle
Veg Pulao Curd Rice
Raitha Mineral Water

Dry Jamoon Rasam
Payasam Sambar
Poori or Roti Curd Rice
Chana Masala/Veg Kurma Pappad and Pickle
Veg Pulao Kosambari with Corn
Raitha Ice Cream
Rice Banana
Palya 2 Types Mineral Water

Bengali Sweet Sambar
Roti Gobi Manchurian
Mix Veg Sagu Baby Corn Stick
Paneer Butter Masala Mini Masala Dosa
Dhai Vada Sweet Corn Soup
Veg Pulao Palya
Raitha Pappad and Pickle
Rice Curd Rice
Rasam Mineral Water

Mango Roll Sweet Veg Cutlet
Dry Jamoon Paneer Stick
Rasmalai Gobi Manchurian
Kosambari Veg Manchow Soup
Dhai Vada Plain Rice
Aloo Palak Paneer Rasam
Navratan Kurma Sambar
Roti Curd Rice
Veg Pulao Pappad and Pickle
Raitha Green Salad
Tawa Sabzi Water Bottle

North Indian (Vegetarian)

China Roll Raitha
Malai Jamoon Rice
Paneer Stick Rasam
Veg Roll Dal Tadka
Malai Paneer Gravy Curd Rice
Aloo Gobi Matar Pappad and Pickle
Wheat Paratha Green Salad
Veg Pulao Water Bottle

Ice Cream Boondi Raita
Tawa Sweet Rice
Hot Julebi Rasam
Spring Roll Veg Biryani
Veg Cutlet Dal Fry
Baby Corn Stick Curn Rice
Dhai Vada Pappad
Kadai Paneer Pickle
Navratan Kurma Green Salad
Kulcha Roti Water Bottle

Anguri Rabdi Tawa Sabzi
Malai Sandwich Veg Pulao
Hot Julebi Raitha
Ice Cream Rice
Tomato Soup Dal Makhani
Baby Corn Manchurian Rasam
Mushroom Kabab Curd Rice
Dhai Vada Pappad and Pickle
Mini Masala Dosa Green Salad
Shahi Paneer Sprout
Chana Masala Water Bottle
Wheat Parota Paan Beeda

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Moin Khan

Moin Khan

Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts for providing such amazing Catering at our Wedding. The food was absolutely amazing and we could not have asked for anything better! You and your team are wonderful at what you do and you sure know how to make a Bride & Groom feel special. We can't thank you enough! Best of luck in the future." Regards MK

Yaseen Khan

Yaseen Khan

I had a family function at home for about 150 people. It was catered by Ricedar. I must say that the Mutton Biryani and Sweet was finger licking. All our guests were very much delighted by their Service and Taste of the food. Highly recommended, Must try!!. Cheers!!

Md Ilyas Sharief

Md Ilyaz Sharief

Good service by Ricedar.

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